Personal Information

An entrepreneur, a freelancer from 2013, Udemy instructor from 2015, Technical trainer for National Freelance Training Program (NFTP) by Government of Punjab at University of Education Multan, Youtuber from 2019.

It’s been a decade working in the field of IT and Freelancing ever since remembered. Programming world is never ending ocean. The more you dive the more you explore. I started learning PHP 8 years back when I was a student. It was a great experience learning internet things right on my PC. This helps me to explore more. I started working on Fiverr. After getting my first order it motivates me more. And I started to work as a full-time web developer or freelancer and decided to make this profession and my career (Read More…)

My mission is to make Pakistan prominent in the technological field around the world. Helping youngsters to achieve their goals is my passion. Lets join hands and support each other to make this 60% of the country (youth) independent.